Watch Cardi B interview Bernie Sanders about the health crises caused by coronavirus

Cardi B has held a live-streamed interview with former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Instagram to discuss the economic and health crises sparked by the coronavirus outbreak.

The conversation was also streamed on Senator Sanders’ YouTube channel on Tuesday night ( April 14).

During the interview, the pair also discussed the “priorities of young voters during this complex time” and the candidacy of Joe Biden.

Cardi B
Cardi B is very passionate about politics CREDIT: Getty

The video began with Sanders asking what Cardi B thought of his nails – to which she replied: “Quarantine!”

“I can tell you’ve been on quarantine for a while with your nails – but it’s OK Uncle Bernie,” Cardi B added, leaving him to laugh in response.

She then explained how “hurt and upset” she was when he dropped out of the Democratic race.

Discussing the impact of the global pandemic the ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper questioned Sanders on when the USA will come out of lockdown and go back to normal. He replied: “Nobody is going to be turning on a switch and America returns to where it was.”

Watch the conversation here:

This comes after Bernie and Cardi’s previous conversation last year which focused on police brutality, healthcare, student debt, and more.

Sanders has dropped out of the presidential race and endorsed Biden.

Cardi B, who teamed up with Sanders on a presidential campaign video last summer, reacted to the news by criticising younger people for not voting.

Taking to Instagram Live, she said she was “very upset with everybody”. You can see that clip below.

Over the course of his campaign, Sanders also won support from artists such as The StrokesPublic Enemy and Bon Iver, with each having taken part in rallies or on live-streamed events and videos.