The Libertines share memories of 'Up The Bracket' in latest Tim Burgess listening party

The Libertines have become the latest band to look back on their debut album, after taking part in Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess‘ online listening parties.

At 10PM last night, Pete Doherty, Carl Barat and Gary Powell all shared their memories of making their 2002 debut ‘Up The Bracket’, while listening along to it with a legion of fans on Twitter.

Kicking things off, Doherty recalled working with The Clash’s Mick Jones, who produced the group’s first two records.

“The sessions always had a strict break at 6pm so Mick Jones could watch the last night’s episode of Eastenders which he religiously recorded – we had dinner and played ping pong,” revealed Doherty.

Barat, meanwhile, shared his memories of ‘Death On The Stairs’ – declaring it to be his “favourite song of ours.”

Later on, Doherty also revealed how recording ‘Boys In The Band’ led to the first fist fight between him and Barat, as they fought for a date with Mick Jones’ daughter.

“I also remember @carlbaratmusic and I both fancying Mick Jones’ eldest daughter…she said she’d ‘go to the pictures’ with whichever it was out of the two us that recorded the immortal line ‘all so rudimentary’,” recalled Doherty.

“I do believe it was our first ever full-on fist fight that drew blood….at least until the 2nd album was begun!”

The band’s reputation as known hell-raisers was also brought to the fore during the listening session – with Doherty recalling how ‘Radio America’ was recorded after Barat had dabbled in “hard narcotics.”

“One time @carlbaratmusic had dabbled in let’s say ‘hard narcotics’ we came up with ‘Skag & Bone Man’ and that also happened to be the day we were due to record the sentimental ballad ‘Radio America’”, said Doherty.

“I remember it well. He was late – like Pete style lateness….disgracefully fucked up. I recall everyone thinking it most amusing – a reaction i never encountered after many late entries having been bang on the gear many a time thereafter.

Other anecdotes, which can be found in full on the Twitter accounts of Barat, Doherty and Powell, included Graham Coxon’s early praise of the group and an emotional sign-off from Barat.

“Mick said if this album turned out great, we would be here dissecting it in 15 years, and if so we could be very proud,” said Barat.

“Cheers everyone x”

Other upcoming listening parties include The Avalanches – who will join Burgess to dissect ‘Since I Left You‘.