Stabbing Westward Announce First Album In 20 YearsStabbing Westward Announce First Album In 20 Years

In the gaping half-decade gap between The Downward Spiral and The Fragile, modern rock radio made space for a lot of industrial rock bands who were not Nine Inch Nails, bands like Filter and Gravity Kills and Stabbing Westward. It’s no “Hey Man Nice Shot,” but the latter group’s “Save Yourself” will still get me to turn up my car stereo if I fatefully encounter it on the airwaves. Now we get to find out whether Stabbing Westward still have it. The Macomb, Illinois combo just announced Chasing Ghosts, their first album in 20 years, and shared its lead single “I Am Nothing.” Have a listen below.

01 “I Am Nothing”
02 “Damaged Goods”
03 “Cold”
04 “Push”
05 “Wasteland”
06 “Ctrl Z”
07 “Crawl”
08 “Dead & Gone”
09 “Ghost”
10 “The End”

Chasing Ghosts is out 3/18 via COP International Records.