Ela Minus & DJ Python – “Pájaros en Verano”Ela Minus & DJ Python – “Pájaros en Verano”

The New York-based producers Ela Minus and DJ Python have announced a new collaborative EP called , which they’re referring to as corazón. “Pájaros en Verano” is the first that they’re sharing from the project — it’s a plinking and sweet and gliding track.

“I made a list of things I was grateful for,” Ela Minus said in a statement. “Clouds (and the time to look at them), quietness, sleep, books, food. I wanted to celebrate that ‘after all the days that never happened and the nights that didn’t exist,’ we are here, alive, and together.”

DJ Python added: “We literally didn’t talk about how the tracks should sound. I sent her instrumentals and she sent them back with perfect vocals. It was this unspoken communication, a process to know the self and the other endlessly.” Listen below.

01 “Kiss U”
02 “Abril Lluvias Mil”
03 “Pájaros en Verano”

The EP is out 9/16 via Smugglers Way, a new imprint from Domino.