Earth Boys to release new album, Earth Tones, on Shall Not Fade

Earth Boys are releasing their new album on Shall Not Fade this July.

Earth Tones is the third LP by the Brooklyn duo of Julian Duron and Michael Sherburn. In a twist, they nod to the West Coast on their latest ’90s deep house-inspired full-length, according to the press release, with tracks called “Sonoma” and “Los Angeles.” It’s out via the UK label on July 10th.

Earth Boys’ previous two LPs arrived in the last two years: their limited edition 2019 cassette, Mythic Music, for Growth In Decay and 2018 debut album, eboys, for Public Release.

Listen to digital-only tracks “Earth Tones (Down Beat)” and “Got It To Work.”

01. Sonoma

02. I Just Love It

03. Mushroom Cloud

04. Amazon Prime (Jungle)

05. Earth Tones

06. Battery Boys

07. On A Limb

08. Los Angeles

09. Earth Tones (Down Beat) (Digital)

10. Got It To Work (Digital)

Shall Not Fade will release Earth Tones on July 10th, 2020.