Tory Lanez says he's still sitting on "real golden songs" after leaving record label

Tory Lanez has said he’s sitting on “real golden songs” after releasing ‘The New Toronto 3′.

The new project, which happened to mark the end of his record deal with Interscope Records, was released off of the helm of his record-breaking Quarantine Radio aired on Instagram live.

Following its release, Tory spoke to DJ Ebro on Beats 1, about his new journey as an independent artist.

“I’m out the label, bro,” Tory said. “I’m gone. I’m out. I’ve already recouped my publishing deal, my album deal. I exceeded five albums. This is the last one, and I want to give them a mixtape.

“I don’t want to give the label I was with at the time, not the label but the team I was with, I didn’t want to give the team those records I felt were my Earth Changing records. That’s why I haven’t released any of my golden songs.”

Credit: NME / Matt Salacuse

He added: “The closest thing to that was when I released ‘The Chixtape 5’. This one is a similar situation in that I’m giving a little bit more effort.

“It’s past the standard I needed it to be at for me to feel comfortable with it. It’s just enough to let them have this and it’ll still be good enough. It’s still good records on there, it’s not bad records.”

A 4-star NME review for ‘The New Toronto 3″ reads: “At 16 tracks ‘The New Toronto 3’ could be accused of being overlong, but it is an immersive experience, a deep dive into Lanez’s psyche.”