Listen to AJ Lambert's stirring cover of Shame's 'One Rizla'

Shame‘s ‘One Rizla’ has been covered by AJ Lambert for her upcoming new album – you can listen below.

The Los Angeles artist, who’s the granddaughter of Frank Sinatra, is due to release her second record ‘Manhattan Beach, Swept By Ocean Breezes’ later in 2020. It will follow on from last year’s ‘Careful You’.

For the first taste of the project, Lambert has offered up her own take on Shame’s ‘Songs Of Praise‘ single – along with a vintage, black and white accompanying video. The visuals comprise footage of the popular US ‘dance until you can’t stay awake anymore’ battles of the 1930s.

Lambert had put up Shame at her home and watched them perform live during 2018’s US tour in support their debut LP.

“I have only ever heard this song as a middle-aged woman. Through that particular filter – plus my own experiences with the strangeness of love – pride, weariness and desperation are the things I hear in it,” she explained of the cover.

“So that is what I hoped to convey when I made this arrangement, and the video as well. I love this song and it means a great deal to me. I’m very grateful to my friends who created it, and I hope I can do it some measure of justice.”

Shame said: “We are super excited and honoured to have AJ cover One Rizla! Ever since she first housed us in LA, we’ve been firm friends and this cover is a lovely thing to mark that friendship.”

AJ Lambert’s ‘Manhattan Beach, Swept By Ocean Breezes’ is said to continue her interest in reviving the art of song interpretation, the one and only musical trait the singer feels she has in common with her grandfather.

Shame, meanwhile, revealed earlier this year that they had finished work on their highly-anticipated second album. “Album 2, c’est fini. Incoming…,” they captioned a studio shot.