Laura Marling says she micro-doses magic mushrooms while studying for masters

Laura Marling has revealed that she micro-doses magic mushrooms as she studies for her masters degree.

Speaking in a new interview, the singer-songwriter, who is currently studying for a masters degree in psychoanalysis, said she had an “amazing routine” that included hallucinogens before the coronavirus lockdown started.

“It’s difficult to not have the group conversation and it’s weird to not be going to the library and having that dedicated section of my day taken for that,” Marling told Q magazine (via Metro UK). “But that’s fine. I’m coping with it.”

Continuing, she said: “I only recently started taking micro-doses of mushrooms and I’ve got this amazing routine: I get the bus from Stoke Newington, takes fucking forever, and I go to the British Library. Just to have some proper alone time.

“Someone reminded me the other day that I haven’t micro-dosed because I haven’t been going out of the house. So maybe I need to get back on that.”

Asked whether she had enough mushrooms to see her through the lockdown period, even if it’s extended for several months, the ‘Held Down’ singer replied: “I do. Though that’s a good question.

“The person who sends them to me is a yoga instructor, so I imagine she’s probably still be sending them out to people, so that will be fine.”

It comes after Marling detailed taking magic mushrooms for the very first time on The Adam Buxton Podcast earlier this month.

Meanwhile, Laura Marling has announced details of a ticketed live-streamed show she’s putting on for her UK and European fans next month.

The musician will play in support of her recently released new album ‘Song For Our Daughter’.

She announced that she’ll be performing at London’s Union Chapel on the evening of Saturday June 6, with the gig set to be live-streamed online to a limited number of ticket-holders.