Weekly Roundup XXXIX (including TV Noise, Shaquille O’Neal, Fox Stevenson, and more)

Several club weapons have dropped this Friday, of which some of the best ones are featured on this edition of Weekly Roundup, which also happens to be approaching its fortieth installment, come next week. Until that, we have records from none other than TV Noise, Shaquille O’Neal, Fox Stevenson, and more to spice up the already sizzling catalog being offered!

4B x Shaquille O’Neal – Shut Up (ft. Trick Daddy)

A dynamic team-up has emerged, involving the enterprising act 4B (Skrillex, DJ Snake, Diplo) and an unanticipated feature from the basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, the latter having wholeheartedly devoted to dance music and crashing major dancefloors these days. “Shut Up” also includes a vocal presence from mainstream rapper Trick Daddy, who ensures that this trap incendiary isn’t amiss of requisite aggressive MCing.

Bringing in a muted melodic loop in the background and hi-hats pattern that reminded me of drill music, the vocals materialize and build the hype towards the climax, which arrives in outbursts of plucky/flute-like sounds and gritty, snarling wobble lead synths to complete the steaming package.

Hardwell – REMINISCE

Once dubbed as “King of Big Room”, Breda-based icon Hardwell pioneered the said genre at its height. Nowadays, he is steering and re-inventing the festival style with a more techno/rave mindset. “REMINISCE” proves that he hasn’t completely left traditional big room grounds after his former sabbatical.

Blazing and distorted supersaws are paired with a thudding, techno-esque kickdrum that is enhanced with its tonal end for a massive drop section, favoring a classic big-room house schematic to propel itself (so much as to even use the infamous Pryda snare fills). There’s old Hardwell written all over the instrumental, albeit with a touch of underground modernity that has been embraced all throughout his upcoming album.

Hansel – How to Save A Life

Reworks in EDM have become notoriously typical and uninventive with several artists trying to get streams with slap house remixes, fortunately, we have instances such as Hansel’s “How to Save A Life” (Harmor Records), which comes off as a much-needed and genuine attempt at reviving an older hit.

In this case, the French producer took the 2005 emo rock hit from the American band The Fray and constructed an industrious future rave structure. With a touch of grandiose orchestral strings in the breakdown and a sentimental vocal performance to lead it, the following moments introduce boisterous saw synths and a driving low-end. Chances are that you were a fan of the original and that this will suffice you with its creative attempt.

Fox Stevenson – Enemy Brain

Blending genres and influences, Fox Stevenson has racked up quite the esteem in the DnB scene and overall electronic scene for his idiosyncratic sonic trademark. “Enemy Brain” is a testament to his versatility and his grasp of various styles of music and tapping them into one bombastic production.

Brimming with mainstream post-punk/pop rock vibes right from the beginning, with songwriting and vocal prowess shown by the said artist. Swaying fastly in DnB rhythms, the song leans towards 2000s rock tonality expressed in a suave guitar riff and bassline, powered by a neurotic drum beat that often brings in a catchy vocal loop.

TV Noise, The Inner Kids – Feeling Of Falling

Trading their Ghetto laced house signature for something more sublime, yet nonetheless robust, Dutch duo TV Noise collaborated with The Inner Kids for a summery offering “Feeling Of Falling”.

Favoring an approach that goes in the middle of tech/bass and deep house, a soulful vocal is supported by a minimal base. Later, however, heated sequences come in with distorted, muted vocal melody over a drop switching between a Reese bassline and an offbeat FM bassline. The result is an experimental and refreshing groove that hits the sweet spot right away!

JAWNS – Sanity Burn

Whether you will be questioning your sanity after listening to JAWN’s explosive record is none of my beeswax, but I assure you that “Sanity Burn” is stashed with a vigorous, industrial sound design intended to create mayhem.

Squelching synths spit out venomous rhythms, with smacking snares and booming kicks, and low-end combinations. Paired with breakdowns that masterfully build up the anticipation toward these dynamite sections, the masked American personality knows the deal for a frenzy-inducing beat.

Nik Stone ft. Joey Law – Brush Fire (Festival Remix Edit)

“Brush Fire” has come to the public in both an original and “Festival Remix” version. Guess which one are we blasting today…

Created by Nik Stone and Joey Law, the remix features Big Room supersaws, an impressive buildup and an explosive melody that left us ecstatic. Including a quality vocal that adds further energy to an already heated schema, “Brush Fire” is definitely a great pick for a festival playlist.