Pinkshift – “i’m not crying you’re crying”Pinkshift – “i’m not crying you’re crying”

The Paramore- and MCR-loving Baltimore pop-punk marauders Pinkshift returned at the start of summer with “nothing (in my head),” their first song for new label home Hopeless Records. The song, which rules, was clearly the lead single from a new album, and today we get the details on that project plus another song.

Pinkshift’s debut LP Love Me Forever is coming in October. It was recorded by the great Will Yip. It has a song called “BURN THE WITCH,” which I assume is not a Radiohead cover. The opening track, the typically fiery and riff-heavy “i’m not crying you’re crying,” is out today. Singer Ashrita Kumar shared this statement about it:

“crying” is the one song on the record that I didn’t start with a particular direction, just raw and unfiltered emotion. As the first song on Love Me Forever, it kicks the record off with a panicked denial — an immediately attacking response to the question of “are you okay?” untrusting and doubtful of the intent and sincerity of that question.

Listen below.

01 “i’m not crying you’re crying”
02 “nothing (in my head)”
03 “GET OUT”
04 “cherry (we’re all gonna die)”
05 “the kids aren’t alright”
06 “Trust Fall”
07 “in a breath”
08 “Cinderella”
10 “Love Me Forever”
11 “let me drown”
12 “Dreamer”

Love Me Forever is out 10/21 on Hopeless.