Shawn Rudiman reveals ambient-leaning double-LP, Flow State

Shawn Rudiman will release a double album, Flow State, via Pittsburgh Tracks in January.

The LP is focused on ambient and textural work, with occasional beat-driven cuts in the mix, and is intended as a companion piece to Conduit full-length, released this past June. Flow State is officially out in January, with a double-vinyl version to follow in February 2021, but the label has made a “Director’s Cut”—Rudiman’s continuous mix of all of the tracks—available today for Bandcamp Friday.

Listen to “Flow State (Director’s Cut).”

1. 80 Years Of Hypersleep

2. Numeric Tenderness

3. Cloud Lake Motel

4. Wave Effect

5. The Breathing Machine

6. Power Exposure

7. There Is No Sanctuary

8. Untethered

9. Re-Tethered

10. Pollution Dreams

11. Soshu Kitae (Masamune’s Forge)

12. Savage Enlightenment

13. Internal Trigger

14. There’s a Darkness Under Every Sun

15. Misteps

16. Another Imminent Collapse

17. The Introduction To Thhe End

18. There Never Was A Tomorrow, Was There?

19. Wash Over Me (Digital Exclusive)

20. Soshu Kitae (Digital Exclusive)

21. I’d Like to Extend My Stay At The Cloud Lake Motel (Digital Exclusive)

22. Flow State (Director’s Cut)

Pittsburgh Tracks will release Flow State on January 15th, 2021.