Sally C releases her first productions on her new label, Big Saldo's Chunkers

Sally C is starting a new label called Big Saldo’s Chunkers.

The first EP is also her first record, with three tracks that she says are inspired by the “golden age of hip-house” in the late ’80s. Lead track “OG Chunker” was first heard in her Boiler Room set at AVA in Belfast last year—selected as one of the Five Key Performances in our review of the festival—and the other tracks reportedly take influence from classic Chicago sounds and early rave music.

“Big Saldo is a nickname friends gave me,” Sally C explains. “It’s my rowdy carefree side which comes out a lot when I DJ and is now channeled into my productions. I wouldn’t call her an alter ego, rather an essence of who I am—more confident, no-holds-barred, bullshit-free. It’s also the intention behind the chunkers: raw and ready cuts. What you see is what you get.”

Listen to clips.

A1 OG Chunker
B1 Let’s Get This
B2 Turn That

Big Saldo’s Chunkers will release Big Saldo’s Chunker EP 001 on June 12th, 2020.