Rid Of Me – “Travelling”Rid Of Me – “Travelling”

Philly’s PJ Harvey-referencing noise-rock crew Rid Of Me are currently prepping their first full-length, Traveling. They’ve already shared the raucous “Myself” (which made it into 5 Best Songs last month). Now, they’ve shared “Travelling.”

“We wanted to make a heavy anchor point a few songs into the record,” Mike McGinnis said of “Travelling” (not to be confused with Traveling, which has one “l”s). “The song and album having the same name with a different spelling sort of represents how we were thinking about the way the song portrays the band and album as a whole and how the song’s meaning relates to our experience writing it.”

Listen to “Travelling” below.

Traveling is out 12/3 via Knife Hits Records. Pre-order it here.