Barrie – “Frankie”Barrie – “Frankie”

Last month, Barrie returned with their first new single since 2019, “Dig,” which hinted at some new potential directions for the heretofore dreamy rock band. That song pulled from ’00s Brooklyn indies, and Barrie’s next single “Frankie” is propelled by synths and a driving hook. Despite that sound, the track was initially inspired by legendary songwriter Glen Campbell.

“Glen Campbell had just died and the radio was playing ‘“Wichita Lineman.’ It felt relevant to the social justice movements at the moment, to the push for democratic socialism, or at least a rejection of capitalism and where it’s gotten us,” Barrie explains in a statement. “The Wichita Lineman has a shitty oppressive job that isolates and overworks him, as many Americans do, and instead of feeling outraged on his behalf we honor and lionize his commitment to labor. The song is a great litmus test. People either find the character really heroic and noble, or find the whole situation sad and fucked.”

Check out “Frankie” below.

“Frankie” is out now via Winspear.