Bad History Month – “Death Takes A Holiday”Bad History Month – “Death Takes A Holiday”

At the end of the month, Bad History Month and Nyxy Nyx are releasing a split album, Death Takes A Holiday, which was inspired by the respective songwriters’ mutual admiration of each other. They announced it a few weeks back with a song from each project, “Deep Bright Future” and “No Worries,” and today Bad History Month’s Sean Sprecher is sharing one of his own, which also happens to serve as the title track for the collection. “Death Takes A Holiday” is introspective and scraping, as Sprecher sings about breaking patterns with some haunting imagery. Here’s what he had to say about it:

I wrote this song, “Bad Blood” and “Flight From Hell” after hearing Brian’s [Nyxy Nyx] song “It’s In The Past”. I wanted to try and write about unhappiness without a happy ending for once, but I didn’t quite pull it off. I do love talking shit though, and personifying shame as putrid grasping zombie hands feels like a pretty good insult.

This one’s got some cool sounds. I was sitting out back mixing and the birds were magnified through the headphones and almost in time with the song so I recorded and chopped em. It also features the best distorted bongo solo I ever took too. Bless this mess.

Listen below.

01 Nyxy Nyx – “It’s In The Past”
02 Nyxy Nyx – “No Worries”
03 Nyxy Nyx – “Tell Me Lies That You Love Me”
04 Nyxy Nyx – “Blood”
05 Nyxy Nyx – “Just That Way”
06 Bad History Month – “Death Takes A Holiday”
07 Bad History Month – “Bad Blood”
08 Bad History Month – “The Flight From Hell”
09 Bad History Month – “Ritual Condo Immolation Celebration”
10 Bad History Month – “Deep Bright Future”

Death Takes A Holiday is out 10/29 via Exploding In Sound. Pre-order it here.