June Jones – “If Only” (Feat. Katie Dey)June Jones – “If Only” (Feat. Katie Dey)

The artsy Australian pop musician June Jones has a couple albums to her name already — 2019’s Diana and 2021’s Leafcutter — and she has a new one on the way called Pop Music For Normal Women. Her latest single, “If Only,” is a collaboration with fellow down-under denizen Katie Dey. It’s a billowing, expansive song about remaking yourself in virtual reality: “I don’t wanna go to work today/ So meet me in the video game/ I designed my character to be mostly true/ But she knows what she’s supposed to do.”

“Written in a similar context of social isolation, If Only is a song where I’m looking outward to the friends I miss dearly and long to spend time with,” Jones said in a statement, continuing:

I knew that I wanted to write a song for Katie to sing on, and I was thinking about our shared love of video games where you get to wield a big sword while I was writing the lyrics. Also there’s something very trans about the character creation tool at the start of a lot of RPG games, and I love that Daniel [R Marks] took that reference and expanded upon it in his music video. I’m actually quite obsessed with what he’s done with that clip – I mean, he basically made us our own video game.

Watch and listen below.

And here is the album’s previous single “Goblin Mindset”:

01 “Gamer”
02 “If Only” (Feat. Katie Dey)
03 “Hoodie Girl”
04 “Goblin Mindset”
05 “Extrovert” (Feat. Alice Skye)
06 “Trauma Girls”
07 “My Crew”
08 “Motorcycle” (Feat. Geryon)

Pop Music For Normal Girls is out 9/23