Jeff Mills details sixth Millsart album, made to 'ease restlessness and soothe impatience'

Jeff Mills is putting out another Millsart LP this Thursday, April 16th.

Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 6 “is uniquely crafted to ease restlessness, soothe impatience and at the same time build high life expectations while opening the passages to a better understanding of what you are searching for,” according to Mills himself. It’s the second Millsart release of 2020 following volume five back in January, which was his first record under the name since 2003.

It looks like the Millsart revival will continue in earnest: future editions of Every Dog Has Its Day are due out in May, June, July and September. For now, due to the ongoing pandemic, the releases will be digital only, with vinyl releases projected for later in the year. They’ll come via Mills’s Axis Records label.

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01. Phoenix Rising

02. Motor Vehicle Dept

03. What’s So Funny

04. Six By Six By Nine

05. The Big Deal

06. The Possession

07. L’addition S’il Vous Plait

08. World Wide Woops

09. Axis Identification

Axis Records will release Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 6 on April 16th, 2020.