Hot Hot Heat have already broken up again

Hot Hot Heat returned last year with their first new song since their 2016 breakup (and first with guitarist Dante DeCaro since 2005), and it had us hoping to hear more, but looks like there will be no such luck. As Stereogum points out, Dante and drummer Paul Hawley have now posted a statement saying that they did have plans for more new music and live shows but vocalist/keyboardist Steve Bays “came to feel he could not participate so those plans have been cancelled.” The full statement reads:

For everyone who has been following recently: I report with apology, sadness, and some embarrassment, that the Hot Hot Heat reunion came to an end shortly before the new year. We had made plans to release much more music and do some shows and short tours but Steve came to feel he could not participate so those plans have been cancelled.

However, the brief comeback was an energizing and inspiring thing. We are proud of the one new song we did release, and the volume and quality of unfinished and unreleased material has left Paul and I, at least, with the feeling that we may continue to produce new music in some capacity in the future. What this will be exactly, we don’t know. But stay tuned.

Thank you for your love and support. I was so grateful to be back playing with these guys and was also reminded of all the great tunes and experiences we shared over the years that I was in the band, and since. It was a fun, if brief ride that has left a spark still burning.