Karen Salicath Jamali Releases New Album ‘Angel Hanael’s Song’

Karen Salicath Jamali, through her experience as an artist—not less in value for both music and visual arts—is out with her new album, Angel Hanaels Song. This is the latest release where she takes yet another step in combining her artistic skills into one, presenting them so they are heard.

Karen is a three-decade artist, bred in Denmark but living most of her life between New York City and Florida. Her work has been presented at the most prestigious of venues, starting from the Louvre Museum in Paris. To be recognized in the world of fine arts, she, coming from visual arts and not least of all sculpture and painting, has had a great influence on the way of making music. Her compositions give the listener that extra dimension of depth and emotion.

It was an unusual entrance for Karen into the world of music. After a head injury and near-death experience in 2012, she found out she could play the piano, although she had never taken any lessons in playing piano. Since then, it has become one of the vital elements to her process of healing and creative expression. Her compositions often emanate from dreams that nag until she scores them into music, thereby making her experience with each piece real and intimate.

Some of Karen’s works in previous productions have captured a lot of acclaim, among them being a song called “Angel Calling”. It captured the ethereal communication of birds and angels, rendering a serene, meditative experience for the listeners.

Angel Hanaels Song elaborates on this, as he takes the listener into a journey through divine and spiritual themes. Every track on the album is independently produced, bringing to each listener peace and connectivity as part of the unique work of Karen, both in the visual and musical arts.

Karen was driven throughout her career by the interest in exploring the relations of various art forms, which she made in wide-ranging media, including bronze, glass, and metal. Karen’s sculptures are mostly cast in bronze and glass, which represent universal human themes through their gestures and poses.

Karen Salicath Jamali‘s music has always been an expression of not only her personal experience but an introspection for whoever is listening. Compositions born from dreams and spiritual insights are the raw expression of her journey.

“It is with Angel Henaels Song that Karen further pushes the boundaries of her art.” In the future, Karen has bigger visions of collaborations including various other instruments and choirs to enhance her musical landscape.

Angel Hanaels Song is now on all the major streaming platforms. It is again one of the statements of prolific creativity for Karen Salicath Jamali, as she is able to mix visual and musical arts into something coherent and feeling.