Dusk + Blackdown to release new all-originals mix album, Rollagelive Vol.1: Nightfall

Dusk + Blackdown are putting out a mix called Rollagelive Vol. 1: Nightfall next week.

The mix is composed entirely of tracks from the UK duo, most of them exclusive to this release. (There’s also a collaboration with New Zealand producer Ebb and remixes of Terror Danjah, Otik and DJ Sinclair.) The duo call it “an exploration of just how much could be possible at 130 BPM, from weightless to dense dubby halfsteppers, via percussive rollers, driving Jersey club kicks [and] jump-up bangers.”

The release is meant as a sort of digital tape pack, and the title is a tribute to the now-completed FABRICLIVE mix CD series, as well as the Rollage series of EPs released by the duo over the last few years.

This year also marks Blackdown’s label Keysound‘s 15th anniversary. The label has started uploading its releases to Bandcamp, including the first-ever digital release of Wen’s vinyl-only edit of Dizzee Rascal’s “Strings Hoe.”

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Listen to a clip and an exclusive track from the mix.

01. Blackdown – The Hunger

02. Blackdown – Keysound Sessions Anthem (Feverish Weightless Mix)

03. Blackdown – Implode

04. Blackdown – Irradiated Reality

05. Dusk + Blackdown – Parallels (Dub)

06. Blackdown – Keysound Sessions Anthem (Original Mix)

07. Dusk, Ebb + Blackdown – Fight Back

08. Dusk + Blackdown – WDYM?! (Blackdown’s Rollage VIP)

09. Blackdown – The Cycle

10. Blackdown – Win It

11. Dusk + Blackdown – Flex

12. Blackdown – Anyone Test

13. Dusk + Blackdown – Hype

14. Dusk + Blackdown – Peng One Two VIP

15. DJ Sinclair – Ricky (Blackdown Remix)

16. Otik – Top Ten (Blackdown Refix)

17. Blackdown – The Information

18. Terror Danjah – Juicy Patty feat. Jamakabi (Blackdown’s Big Size 24 VIP)

19. Blackdown – WDYM?! (Nutty Mix)

20. Blackdown – Headback Liftoff

21. Blackdown – This Journey

Keysound will release Rollagelive Vol 1: NIghtfall on April 17th, 2020.