Club Quarantäne postponed as Ash Lauryn curates Underground & Black takeover in its place

The next Club Quarantäne has been postponed.

The third edition of the marathon virtual rave was set to take place this weekend, June 12th through 14th. As a mark of respect to the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others, as well as the Black Lives Matter movement, Club Quarantäne 3 has been pushed back to the weekend of June 26th.

Until then, Ash Lauryn, founder of Underground & Black, has curated the Club Quarantäne platform to draw attention to Black artists, art and culture.

“House and techno are Black music, and I find a deep sense of pride and strength in that fact,” Ash Lauryn says. “These topics can be explored through some of the resources included, like writer Imani Mixton’s piece, Detroit Is Techno City And Techno Is Black, or director Jenn Nkiru’s powerful short film Black To Techno.”

“Collectively, I chose these pieces for anyone who would like to dig a little deeper into the black experience from our perspective—the good, the bad and the uncomfortable,” she continues. “One of the most beautiful things about Black art in my opinion is that even through the struggle we continue to create; we continue to rise. Black art isn’t simply here for the sake of consumption, it is actually rooted in much more than that, and I would advise those that simply consume without understanding to take a serious look at the information provided. My platform Underground & Black has always been about celebrating Black culture, much long before Blackness and Black lives were trending topics. I encourage you to continue educating yourself even once the protests stop, and the public outrage settles. This a collective fight, and it’s far from over.”

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Visit Club Quarantäne at 10 PM CEST on Friday, June 26th, through a TBA time on Sunday, the 29th, via the official website, which uses an interactive system powered by Off World Live. It’s directed and produced by Sam Aldridge and Selam X, with web design by Marco Land. Read an interview with CQ’s cofounders here.

You can also watch via RA‘s YouTube channel.

For more on how you can support Black causes, see our resources guide.