Cassandra Jenkins – “Hailey (premix)”Cassandra Jenkins – “Hailey (premix)”

Earlier in the year, indie experimentalist Cassandra Jenkins released the genre-blurring An Overview On Phenomenal Nature. Now, the New York-born performer plans to release a collection of outtakes and alternate tracks from those sessions titled (An Overview On) An Overview On Phenomenal Nature. Recorded in conjunction with producer Josh Kaufman, the six-track collection comprises — according to a press release — “previously unreleased sonic sketches, initial run-throughs, demos, and sound recordings from the cutting-room floor.”

Among those early editions is “Hailey (premix),” which Jenkins has shared today. Check that out below.

01 “Michelangelo (demo)”
02 “New Bikini (first take)”
03 “Crosshairs (interlude)”
04 “Ms. Cassandra”
05 “American Spirits”
06 “Hailey (premix)”
07 “Ambiguous Norway (instrumental)”
08 “Hard Drive (security guard)”

(An Overview On) An Overview On Phenomenal Nature arrives 11/19 via Ba Da Bing Records. Pre-order it here.