Vallyre Continues Her Exploration Of Love & Empowerment With New Release “Bloodsweat”

Following-up on her release of the 2016 EP titled Explosion, Vallyre took a break, and now she is back with a new, uplifting, and energy-driven track titled “Bloodsweat.” Refining her skills as a singer Vallyre’s brand new release sees her perfected and more confident than ever. She’s unashamedly having fun and delivering pure pop on “Bloodsweat.”

“Bloodsweat” proves that Vallyre can keep pace with her contemporaries while drawing on the history of the Pop genre in ways many of today’s innovators are unconcerned with engaging. While “Bloodsweat ”might not be the most progressive or groundbreaking single of the year, it’s certainly up there as one of the most charming. Along with Vallyre’s voice imbued with passion and sincerity the charging surge of the track functions both as a fine comeback and its own stirring, quietly powerful anthem, a good sign for possible upcoming releases.