Dizzy share new single 'The Magician' from upcoming sophomore album | NME

Canadian alt-pop four-piece Dizzy have today (April 22) shared details of their upcoming album, titled ‘The Sun and Her Scorch’. The band have also shared a new music video for their latest single, ‘The Magician’.

The video was filmed by frontwoman Kate Munshaw and drummer Charlie Spencer, and was shot in Munshaw’s childhood bedroom during isolation. “The song is about wanting to magically bring a friend of mine who passed away back to life,” said Munshaw in a press release.

“To me, ‘The Magician’ reeks of naivety and innocence in a way that really hurts my heart. Hoping she’ll walk into my gig at the local pub, hoping to see her mom at Sobeys just to remember how similar their laughs were. Hoping for magic. It’s a really emotional song for me but is masked by tricky, pretty production to make it sound almost joyful.”

Watch it below:

Dizzy’s second album, ‘The Sun and Her Scorch’, will be released on July 31. The record was self-produced by the band and mixed by Craig Silvey (Arcade Fire, Florence + The Machine). Dizzy have only released two standalone singles since their debut album ‘Baby Teeth’ in 2018.

“‘Baby Teeth’ was all about the confusion and sadness of my late teens, but this one [‘The Sun and Her Scorch’] is more about the qualities about myself that I’m not very proud of,” Munshaw said.

“I wanted to be completely honest about the things nobody ever wants to admit, like being jealous of your friends or pushing away the people who love you. So instead of being about romantic heartbreak, it’s really about self-heartbreak.”