Silverstein release video for Princess Nokia collaboration, 'Madness'

Canadian emo rock band Silverstein have released a video for ‘Madness’, featuring vocals from Princess Nokia.

The track, first released March 3, appears on Silverstein’s latest album, ‘A Beautiful Place To Drown’.

A press release describes the music video as a “technicolored aesthetics compliment the blend of pop sensibility and aggression that fuels the release”. Watch it below.

Speaking to Rock Sound, the group explained how the collaboration came about: “Princess Nokia was a little different though because she’s in such a different world. She’s a huge fan of Silverstein though. She was posting stuff about us then she came out to our New York City show and we hung out.

“We then just decided when we had this song ‘Madness’ which is kind of a male/female perspective song we said, ‘Would it be cooler having someone doing more of a talking thing on here?’ Right when we had that conversation we all knew Princess Nokia was who it needed to be. It really took that song a notch and told the story.”

Princess Nokia also spoke to NME in November about her love of emo music. “Everyone knows I’m gothic and that I love [emo] music, too,” she explained.

“I was scared a little bit, but there was nothing else to put out. That’s what I made, that’s what I had to say. That’s how I felt. I’m saving my life and a lot of other people’s lives. I’m grateful that I was hesitant but took that risk. I ended up changing history a little bit.”

In a three-star review of the artist’s recent ‘Everything Is Beautiful’ and ‘Everything Sucks’ double release, NME said: “Thematically, ‘Everything Sucks’ and ‘Everything is Beautiful’ fail to deliver anything new.”

“They have all the hallmarks of a Princess Nokia record – female empowerment, introspective monologues about her childhood and Bruja spirituality (a type witchcraft practiced by some Latin American populations). On ‘Practice’, she continues to lament being an industry outsider, something she’s been doing since day dot.”