PrideFest 2020 Going Live With More Than 40 LGBTQ+ Artists From Around The World

On June 27th, Levitate Events, a concert production company that specializes in electronic and fusions of electronic music, will be presenting their second annual PrideFest to celebrate LGBTQ+ representation in music.

Last year, their first PrideFest in New York brought over 20 tri-state local LGBTQ+ electronic artists and 1,500 attendees through a 400-cap venue in Brooklyn throughout the 12-hour free experience. With artists like Kandy, Claud, Megan Vice, and many others, they were able to donate nearly $1,000 to organizations that support LGBTQ+ youth wellbeing.

With the current world situation, this year’s PrideFest is returning as a free live-streamed event on Saturday, June 27th. As a digital experience, the team has taken a global approach by including LGBTQ+ artists from around the world, who create and perform music beyond EDM. The stream will exist exclusively on Twitch.

While the event will be free, attendees will have the opportunity to donate – 20% of all donations will go directly back to the performers, and the rest will be split equally between OutRight International’s COVID-19 Global LGBTIQ Emergency Fund, which provides emergency financial resources to organizations around the world who are assisting LGBTQ+ people, and Black Lives Matter which supports people of color during this difficult time.

The “2-stage” experience will go live on Twitch at 1:00 PM ET, featuring artists like PaigeBen Alessi, GhostDragonKaleena ZandersJoey SuarezDrinkerSpencer LudwigGia WoodsREYNA, and many others. Please see the art asset below for all artists.

Levitate has garnered co-presenters from around the world, including YourEDM, GRL GANG, Sauce Society, Wicked Good Time, Enforce Records, and many others to maximize viewership and donations.

Click HERE to RSVP, and check out the Facebook Event for more info!