Coldplay Announce 25th Anniversary Re-Release of Debut Single “Brothers & Sisters”

Coldplay are looking back on their early days with the re-release of their debut single, “Brothers & Sisters.”

Before Coldplay were the platinum-selling, stadium-filling pop band they’re known as today, they were four college kids in London, studying for finals while they sought out a record deal. After the three-song Saftey EP, Coldplay were signed to Simon Williams’ Fierce Panda Records in 1998 and re-recorded their song “Brothers & Sisters,” which arrived on April 26th, 1999 as the quartet’s first official single release. Now, “Brothers & Sisters” will receive an exclusive vinyl re-release for its 25th anniversary, arriving on November 15th.

The original single release featured “Brothers & Sisters” as the A-side and “Easy to Please” as the B-side, with the CD version also containing third track “Only Superstition.” The new vinyl re-release will contain all three songs, as well as a newly-added fourth track called “The Story of Brothers & Sisters” — a reading from the audiobook of Pandamonium! How Not To Run A Record Label by Fierce Panda founder Simon Williams.

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The passage describes Coldplay’s early days, their first live performances (including their show at Camden Falcon, which led to them being temporarily signed by Williams), and their initial attention from the media. The single would prove to be successful for Coldplay — it peaked at 92 on the UK singles chart and only cost £450. “Brothers & Sisters” would make its way on another Coldplay release shortly after, appearing as the B-side for Parachutes single “Trouble” in 2000.


The 25th anniversary version of “Brothers & Sisters” retains the single’s original artwork, and will arrive as a gatefold double BioVinyl 7-inch. Pre-orders are ongoing. Listen to “Brothers & Sisters” below.

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Coldplay to re-release debut single Brothers & Sisters

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