Stormzy pledges £10 million to organizations and movements supporting racial justice

Stormzy has pledged £10 million over ten years to support the black community.

Detailed in a statement from the UK rapper’s #Merky label, the donations will be distributed to organizations, movements and charities combatting racial inequality and criminal justice reform. The pledge is described as the beginning of the imprint’s “lifetime commitment to financially and wholeheartedly back these causes.”

Before urging others to donate, Stormzy says, “I’m lucky enough to be in the position I’m in and I’ve heard people often dismiss the idea of racism existing in Britain saying, ‘If the country’s so racist how have you become a success?!’ and I reject that with this: I am not the UK’s shining example of what supposedly happens when a black person works hard… Black people have been playing on an uneven field for far too long and this pledge is a continuation in the fight to finally try and even it.”

More information on the pledge is forthcoming.

Read the full statement.