Porter Robinson Asks “Am I EDM?” In New Poll [VOTE HERE]

Is Porter Robinson EDM?

Arguments could surely be made for both sides — in the broadest interpretation of the term, he is absolutely within the confines of EDM, as he makes his dance music electronically. On the other hand, there’s a group that interprets the term to be one denoting some degree of commercialization, music that would be welcomed on the main stage of a festival. Though even that doesn’t really disqualify Porter from the term, as he’s certainly become big enough to warrant main stage billings.

Still, the question was posited by the man himself yesterday and currently, at time of publishing, has over 37,000 votes. Right now, 77% of responses (approximately 28,771 votes) say that he’s EDM, around 8,600 disagree.

It’s also worth looking at the responses from some of Porter’s contemporaries, as “EDM” has always been a bit of a contentious acronym.


Photo via Rukes.com