Jamie xx Releases First New Solo Original Since 2015 Debut Album [MUST LISTEN]

Though Jamie xx was featured on a track from Headie One and Fred again.. earlier this year, today’s new release marks his first solo original since he dropped his debut album In Colour in 2015.

“Idontknow” sort of follows the same trajectory that Disclosure has been taking with their new singles, veering wildly off the beaten path for what the artist is traditionally known for, but still retaining the soul and polish of the rest of their discography.

It begins with rudimentary drums before slowly evolving into an ever-more refined production with a blistering pace and perfectly tuned vocal chops. As elements are continually added, the natural progression of the track becomes explicitly beautiful and elegant. It’s a slow burn, to be sure, but by the end you’re left with an inescapable desire to listen again… and again… and again.

Hopefully this signals more new music on the way soon. Listen to “Idontknow” from Jamie xx below!


Photo via Rukes.com