Global Dance Festival Goes Digital With Stacked Lineup

Global Dance Festival in Denver, originally scheduled for July, is only one of the many dozens of festivals across the world that have been cancelled as a result of COVID-19. Like many, GDF is moving into the digital realm in lieu of a physical festival, and the lineup is absolutely stacked.

Rather than aim for the highest tier of artists, GDDF has compiled a who’s who of artists who are going to one day lead the main stage, many of whom have already appeared on our various Artists To Watch lists over the years.

Among the artists playing are Kendoll, Ducky, Sullivan King, Swarm, Trivecta, Wenzday, Wuki, Stayloose, Carbin, Blanke, Champagne Drip, Big Gigantic, and more. Also, rest assured, there are way more artists still to be announced and each day is going to be amazing when you see the full lineup.

This all goes down in just over two weeks! Stay tuned for full lineup and set times coming soon.

Global Dance Digital Festival Lineup


Photo by Speedfest