Galantis Announce New Single Less Than Three Months After Last Album

It’s been less than three months since Galantis dropped their third studio album, Church, and they’re already preparing to release new music. Usually after a major album, an artist would tour it. But since no tours are happening anywhere right now, why not drop some new music?

The new song is “The Lake” with Wrabel, which the Swedish duo says is “a bit different than the usual Galantis release.”

We wrote it with our friend Wrabel as a reflection of what we’re all experiencing around the world right now. As we are all seeking peace of mind and hoping for a better tomorrow, we hope everyone out there can find a ‘lake’ of their own. Stay safe.

This is where we’d normally post a teaser of clip of the track, but since Galantis hasn’t been doing live streams and they’re certainly not playing live, we’re just going to have to wait for the real thing this Friday.

Check out the announcement below.


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