CHYL Drops Impeccable Speed House EP Mini Motors

Los Angeles-based producer/DJ CHYL has just released her debut EP, Mini Motors, on Dim Mak. The five-track EP is a lesson in speed house; as you might surmise every track is played at a blistering tempo. However, despite the high BPM, speed house is undeniably fun, it’s impossible to not just hop around and get lost in the pulsating rhythm. Kudos to CHYL for mastering this craft.

Featuring five stellar tracks and inspired by CHYL’s love of childhood toys, Mini Motors is an essential for any workout playlist. It’s also great driving home from work music (provided you’re not sitting in traffic). The lead single “Hooyah!” is a certified banger and perfectly sets up what you’re going to experience while listening to the EP. The other single, “Barbie” is incredibly timely, of course. I personally enjoyed the trap sensibilities of “Eclipse”, and I thought that the closing track “Hachiroku” was an absolute banger that would go hard in any main stage DJ’s set.

Mini Motors is born out of my desire to inject a lighthearted, playful energy into the world of electronic dance music.” CHYL says. “As I immersed myself in production, I often found myself reminiscing about the carefree days of my childhood, filled with toys and imaginative adventures. The idea of capturing that childlike wonder and blending it with my signature fast-paced, and fun style became the main concept for my EP. I wanted to create a collection of tracks that would transport my listeners back to their own childhood memories, where toys, like the ones on Mini Motors’ cover art, held a special place in their hearts. I drew inspiration from the rush of speed and delight of play and produced these tracks with as much vibrancy and energy as possible.”

She continues, “I hope this EP will also make you tap into your inner child and experience the exhilarating rush of a musical rollercoaster. Thank you for listening. Let’s buckle up, put on our racing goggles, and prepare to be overtaken by adrenaline as we zoom through the sonic world of Mini Motors!”

Mini Motors is out now on Dim Mak. CHYL will be opening the HARD stage at HARD Summer next weekend. Make sure to check out her set if you can!