Steve Aoki and Showtek Team Up for Another Festival Banger “Mirror Mirror”

Steve Aoki and Showtek are back with another massive, festival ready single, “Mirror Mirror.” Four years after teaming up on “Rave,” these two legendary artists are back with a darker techno single. Just because they’re experimenting with a new sound, however, doesn’t mean “Mirror Mirror” doesn’t go just as hard. In fact, you can hear a lot of Aoki and Showtek trademarks in the track. The plugin may be different, but the rhythms are undeniably Aoki and Showtek.

Along with the stellar production, we get breathy vocals from Jem Cooke that perfectly encapsulate the underground warehouse vibe of the song. She also might get the line of the year, “Mirror mirror, who’s the baddest of the them all?” Despite the darker opening part of the song, the final drop is exploding with all of the energy of a cake hitting one’s face.

“‘Mirror Mirror’ is more than just a song; it’s a sonic fusion of our creative energies, a testament to our shared passion for pushing boundaries and delivering an unforgettable experience,” Steve Aoki says. “Brace yourselves for a high-octane journey that will shatter mirrors and ignite souls on the dancefloor.”

Check out the latest from Steve Aoki x Showtek x Jem Cooke, “Mirror Mirror” out now on Spinnin’/Skink. You can catch Steve closing down the main stage for Tomorrowland this Saturday on the live stream.