AEG Offers Fans Refunds for Postponed Events for A Limited Time Only

Beginning on May 1st, major event promoter AEG will offer fans some relief in the face of large-scale delayed events. While all cancelled events have been and will continue to be refunded, no refunds were offered initially for delayed/postponed events. Now, however, the promotional giant is finally taking steps to assist beleaguered fans after a harsh wave of criticism. For the full month of May, refunds are being offered for any rescheduled shows, including AEG-controlled Coachella.

Estimates place ticket sales for the 30,000 total of postponed events (not all AEG) at over $1 billion, so it’s understandable that fans have been hammering promoters and ticket providers like Ticketmaster and Stubhub for refunds. This has resulted in lawsuits against Stubhub and even a quietly changed refund policy from Ticketmaster.

Live Nation, AEG’s primary competitor, has yet to take any action to refund fans.


via NYT | Photo courtesy Coachella