9 DJs Show Off Their Homes & Studios On World Selfie Day [PHOTOS]

This Sunday is many things: Father’s Day, World Music Day, Go Skateboarding Day (no, really) and it’s also World Selfie Day. Though the proliferation of meaningless holidays has become something of a trope in the past few years (National Pizza Day, anyone?), the reality is that they’re also relatively harmless as long as they don’t overlap with something truly meaningful like Juneteenth.

On this World Selfie Day, we received selfies from a number of DJs in their homes and studios as they’ve been stuck inside like the rest of us for the past 3 months. Well, maybe not exclusively inside (looking at you Panteross666), but you catch my drift.

Check them all out below and go take your own selfies! But also support Black Lives Matter and share information when you can, we can always do more.

David Penn

“My daily routine didn’t change much as I’ve been making a lot of music during lockdown. After many years of touring, it wasn’t so bad to spend more time in the studio as I was missing it. On the other hand, I cannot wait to play out again now!”

“The Heat” is out 3rd July via Club Sweat

DJ Phantasy

I’ve spent lockdown at home in London and whilst the first few weeks were a very strange experience, I decided to make the time useful by trying to stay fit, produce new music, re-master music from their original DAT tapes for future rerelease and I’ve started to learn how to use After Effects. You have to use this time to the best of your advantage as there usually isn’t enough time with a busy touring schedule. My wife has been happy as I’ve finally completed some jobs around the home that I had been putting off, haha.

Generations LP is out on EASY on 29th June // pre-order here

Martin Badder

Lockdown for me has been all about dodgy haircuts, getting back into skateboarding, painful skating injuries, Zoom parties and missing that real connection you get from a packed dance floor.

However, increased time in my studio located in Bath UK, has meant I’ve been able to lock myself away and create some really exciting new stuff.

My released schedule is packed with new releases coming soon on REALM, Circus Recordings, Nervous, Armada, ON IT Recordings, Stashed Cutz plus a lot more. See you on the other side.’

“Passion Never Dies” (ft. Knytro) is out 26th June via REALM // pre-save here


‘Happy Fathers Day & Worldwide Selfie Day Your EDM! As you can see from my selfie, I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors, getting back in touch with nature and using it as the inspiration for creative concepts in my music. I find that my mindset/societies can be wiped away by disenchantment, internet anxiety, millennial blues and the fear of the future, so this is something I have considered and brought to life in ‘I See Your Rainbow’ out on ULTRA. When lockdown eases I’m looking forward to seeing friends /family and perhaps trying to surf again after many failed attempts on my Dad’s homemade board as a child!”

“I See Your Rainbow” is out now via ULTRA Music // Buy/Watch

Rene LaVice

“Here is a photo of me today in my glamorous studio. As you can see it’s been packed up because I have to move. Not great timing, but thankfully Danny Byrd and I finished our new single Boomshaka in the nick of time, before I had to pack everything up. Moving sucks, it sucks even more during a pandemic. But knowing that we’ve got an exciting new single coming out on Device Records is keeping my spirits high. Onward!”

Boomshaka is out 3rd July via Device // Pre-save here

Sam Girling

“I’ve been spending lockdown at home in Bedford (UK) with my parents and dog, Dougal. Personally, this time has been super beneficial for me. I’ve spent so much time making new music, learning Ableton to begin the building blocks of my live set and of course, walking the dog twice a day. Since groups of 6 are now able to meet in the UK, socially-distanced beers with mates have been at the top of my list. I’m still waiting for that first draught beer when pubs reopen, and I am so excited for the eventual return of clubs – I miss that a lot.”

“Ya Better Repent” is out now on REALM // Stream here

The Prince Karma

“I have been making lots of new music, also got into cooking more (food not beats). I look forward to get back on the road, see my fans. Also party with my pals!”

Superstar EP is out now via ULTRA Music – Buy/Stream

Tiggi Hawke

“Oh hey YourEDM, and welcome to my very basic, corona-studio! I’ve been spending lockdown at my flat in London while experiencing more and more animosity from my cat as he figures out I’m not leaving any time soon… Sorry, Mr Business. You’re stuck with me for now. For my set-up at home, I’ve taken over my boyfriends gaming set-up with a Focusrite Clarrett that we brought back from the studio and I’m using my trusty old sound-proofing workaround – singing into the mic under a towel #lowfi . I’ve made and eaten more cookies than I can count and realised the reason why I never spring-cleaned my flat wasn’t the lack of time in my life (contrary to previous excuses). I can’t wait until we do live shows again and to feel that connection with people but until then, my neighbours can enjoy watching me singing and dancing sporadically through the day.”

“Electric Sun” is out now on Armada Music – Buy/Stream

Tom & Collins

“We have been exploring new ideas in the studio, excited to share them with you guys soon!”

“Corosito” is out now via REALM // Listen here