9 Wholesome AF EDM Dad Moments for Father's Day

The modern nuclear family as we knew it decades ago may not be as prevalent as it once was, but fathers are still important in the lives of many. It’s hard to say that they teach anything a mother can’t, but specifically as a male role model for many children, a father figure can be an invaluable thing.

This Father’s Day, we look at 9 instances when EDM dads stole the show. That time Alison Wonderland‘s dad came through at Coachella to see her perform, the time Said the Sky‘s dad got a massive tattoo to show his support, and that time Whipped Cream‘s dad stepped in to shut down the haters on Instagram.

Some moments are more bittersweet, like Tipper‘s tribute to his father who passed away, Avicii‘s father’s ongoing fight for suicide prevention and mental health awareness, and one father’s greatest Electric Forest wish.

These are just 9 times we were touched, but we recognize there are plenty more amazing dads that deserve a call, a hug, or a “Happy Father’s Day” today. Shoutout to all the EDM dads out there!

Alison Wonderland’s Dad Recording Her Coachella Set Is Seriously Too Cute

A couple times throughout the show, the amazing cello player / singer / DJ / rockstar was found scanning the crowd looking for her dad. “Where’s my dad?” she called out. Ugh, so cute.

It was impossible for her to spot her dad in the moment, as the Sahara Tent was literally overflowing with people. But luckily, a fan in the crowd captured the most precious moment from the entire set — Alison’s dad proudly recording his daughter as she played the cello yet again during her last song, “Wonderwall.”

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Ookay Celebrates EDC & Father’s Day In The Most Spectacular Way

Ookay played Sunday at the bassPOD, his set was at 11:30pm, just the right time that enough people had finally filed into the Speedway, but early enough that nobody was that tired yet.

I had seen a couple days earlier that, like getting married to a slice of pizza in 2014, Ookay had something special planned for this year. He’s hesitant to let the secret go, but after I tell him the interview won’t be published until after EDC, he easily lets his guard down, “I’m bringing out my dad to do a bass solo for Father’s Day. My dad’s just gonna fuckin’ kill it on the bass.”

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Avicii’s Father Speaks Out On Suicide Prevention & Mental Health

Over a year after his passing, Klas compares the tragedy to a “traffic accident,” in its spontaneous nature. He believes Tim was generally happy before he took his own life, which is what made it so difficult to identify the problem.

Now, he’s calling on policymakers to make mental health a priority, before it’s too late.

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Said The Sky’s Dad Just Got A Massive Tattoo Of His Logo & We’re Here For It

Said The Sky‘s dad is the ultimate fan. He’s wearing his support on his sleeve, quite literally.

The producer just shared a photo of his dad’s fresh, new ink. It’s a rather large display of Said The Sky’s logo, completed by clouds and a sunburst. We’re in love with fatherly gesture, the art, and literally this whole thing.

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“Trance Family” Gets To Spend Easter Weekend With Armin van Buuren

About a month ago, a family dubbed “Trance family” suddenly became an overnight viral sensation with videos of the entire family (mainly the children) dancing to trance music while the father drives them around. Since then, “Trance family” has amassed over 160,000 likes on Facebook and countless video views and even a visit from a true trance legend himself, Armin van Buuren.

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Tipper Releases New Song Dedicated To His Father Who Just Passed Away

It’s always sad when you lose a parent – speaking as someone who lost his father five years ago, the feeling of loss never really goes away completely, it only gets better. Today, the talented producer/DJ Tipper has lost his own father, and put out a beautiful new song “Cloaked” as tribute.

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Whipped Cream’s Dad Steps In To Shut Down The Haters On Instagram

We stan a parent who stands up for their kid. Recently, Whipped Cream’s dad, Bob Cecil, recently dove into the comments on his daughter’s Instagram to fend off some naysayers doubting her ability to really DJ.

He responded: “most tracks she plays will [be] from 10 sec to maybe longest 30 secon. It’s all done through beat matching feeling matching to keep the show at max throughout. The movement and being [in] shape comes from 12 years of competitive figure skating.”

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Father Asks For Electric Forest Sets To Remember His Son

The father of an Electric Forest music festival attendee that passed away is reaching out to the community in hopes of getting his hands on the last set he listened to. It is believed he was at the Jubilee stage dancing to Bishop Briggs when he suffered from cardiac arrest.

Hunter Lurie, the son to filmmaker Rod Lurie, suffered a medical emergency on festival grounds on Friday, June 29, and died at the hospital in the early morning of July 2. Autopsy results have yet to be reported.

“He died dancing,” Rod writes. “There is something to be said for that.”

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Armin van Buuren Surprises with Fatherly Ballad Featuring Sam Martin

“Many people ask me what songs of mine I’m most proud of. All tracks are my babies, but some tracks I just have more of a connection with, simply because of the time I spent on it or the emotion attached to it. In this case, ‘Wild Wild Son’ is about Sam Martin’s (then unborn) son. I fell so much in love with the song because I recognize the love I feel for my own son. I also really went the extra mile with the production, recording real drums (Koen) and real strings. It was almost a year in the making. It’s a little different from my previous work and a big step for me personally.”

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