Weekly Roundup XV (Upcomers Edition)

84%%Overall Score

After writing fifteen instalments of Weekly Roundup, I have come to notice a pattern: names who are working hard towards breaking through the industry are the ones with some of the best releases. On that note, this special numbered edition is dedicated to up and coming aliases. These are among those who are actively pushing the boundaries with ingenuity unheard of, striving towards delivering impactful and impressive records.

Franky Wah, iiola – Bring Me Back To You

One of the hottest names in dance music might very well be Franky Wah. The British DJ/Producer has been on my radar with his ever-radiant melodic house/techno, leaning towards creative schema while doing so.

Collaborating with songstress iiola, “Bring Me Back To You” oversees the return of said act on Anjunadeep records. Laying down hypnotic and knelling synths, Wah finely merges the lines between trance and progressive. The vocals shine through in the serene breakdown that culminates emotions, letting the hovering bassline and rest of the melodic elements do their magic in the latter half. Scintillating work, without a doubt.

Eric Saade – Like U Used To (Laureano Remix)

Swedish luminary Laureano knows the secret to deliver a solid remix duty, much as seen in his original oeuvre. Reworking Eric Saade’s “Like U Used To” to an afterhours befit deep house groove, the minimal palette and charming melodic progression warmly accompanies the catchy vocals from the mentioned vocalist. Subtle nuances such as the synth riff leading the sparse but effective cadence embeds a dreamy touch, making it as enticing as it gets.

ELYX – Fighting (ft. Lucas Ariel)

Following the success of “Can’t Keep Away”, ELYX has turned his focus on the melodic realms. But knowing him, of course he wouldn’t approach this conventionally and predictably. “Fighting” recasts Lucas Ariel on the vocals, as the Italian whiz pairs it with an equally fetching and energetic production.

The heartfelt emotions in the calmer segments is met with a dynamic beat in the drop, one that is synthesized out of ELYX’s renowned tech-heavy signature with an emotional spin on it, which results in an outcome that cannot be pinpointed as one particular genus. Great way to close a decked out year!

Sam Feldt – Call on Me (Justus Remix)

Future Rave has bought an influx of new faces to the genre, both veterans and uprising aliases. The Dutch producer Justus has claimed onto a sizeable reputation with his fresh take on the style, clearly evident through this remix.

Appointed by Heartfeldt records head-honcho Sam Feldt, the forthcoming act decided to employ a rapidly unfolding and modulated riff sound played by a supersaw, supported by booming low-ends that altogether take a melodic route than the usual aggressive approach. Like I said, stimulating!

Sherm, Flynninho – Used 2 Be

Imagine my surprise when a pair of producers known for releasing explosive tech/bass house bangers, unexpectedly unveil a swirling, progressive/melodic house song instead. Didn’t see that coming!

“Used 2 Be” is the newest brainchild from US-based DJ/Producers Sherm and Flynninho (the latter having featured on our blog multiple times), released by King Arthur’s “Bring The Kingdom” imprint. An introspective record for the duo (as they mentioned on an interview), the song reflects a somber mood presented by spaced-out pad and arp synths, comprising a pensive schematic.

This is the sort of atypical artistry that merits an applaud.

Kasablanca – Cronus

Deadmau5’s mau5trap imprint is known to welcome adept individuals into its roster, and Kasablanca is not exclusive on that attribute. Bring forth “Cronus”, the retrofuturistic branded artist has sought for a darker amalgam of melodic techno. Best part about it? The gritty pluck synths that entirely soaked my attention throughout, while the selective sound-presence does wonders. Add a hint of vintage timbre, the production excels at its delivery. Tempting stuff!

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