Terry Gilliam Details New Film Starring Johnny Depp as Satan and Jeff Bridges as God

Johnny Depp, Jeff Bridges, Adam Driver, and Jason Momoa are set to star in a new movie directed by Terry Gilliam, titled The Carnival at the End of Days.

The news was confirmed by Gilliam himself in a recent interview with the French publication Premiere, in which he explained the premise of the film. “God decides to destroy humanity, and the only one trying to save us is Satan because he needs people in hell, otherwise he won’t have a job for eternity,” he said. Depp and Bridges are set to play Satan and God, respectively.

“It will be very funny for those who like to be offended,” Gilliam said. Elsewhere, he expanded on what he has in mind for Bridge’s God character. “He will not be the God we are used to,” he said. “In the film, God is nature, but a nature that can talk to you. I’m going to need animation to bring it to life, because in the scene with God, there are at least fifteen animals. It’s going to be complicated, because it has to be realistic. And it’s going to be very expensive!”

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According to Gilliam, production is expected to begin in January 2025.

The film will be the latest collaboration between Gilliam and Depp, following previous titles like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.