quickly, quickly – “Natural Form”

Just a few more days until Graham Johnson releases Easy Listening, his latest EP as quickly, quickly. “Satellite” and “Falling Apart Without You” gave us a sense of the project’s woozy, jazzy, almost soft-rockin’ approach to post-genre pop music. Today’s new track “Natural Form” further elucidates the vibe. It’s a bit like a retro soul song witnessed in a mirage, one that evaporates into gorgeous ambient noise spiked with psychedelic fuzz guitar.

Per Johnson:

This song was an afterthought at first. I made it while in a rut with music, putting way too much thought into everything I was making. This song was a release from that, a sort of joke at first that quickly turned into what is probably my favorite song on the EP. Short and sweet, with a twist at the end.

Listen below.

Easy Listening is out 5/26 on Ghostly.