CMAT – “Stay For Something”

The Irish pop upstart CMAT will soon release her new album CrazyMad, For Me. Our latest preview arrived today in the form of “Stay For Something,” a soaring new track that merges Adele’s adult-contemporary vibes with a bit more of an alt-rock edge a la Florence And The Machine. In director James Slater’s quirky music video, CMAT marches down the road in an outrageously colorful old-timey dress and wig and puts on quite the show. The lyrics from the first verse are pretty attention-grabbing:

I told you that my band started popping off
You told me that you played guitar
I knew that you’d lied at the time you said it
But you could play my heart
Took a couple weeks you were shredding
Playin’ like a rock n roll star
Holy god damn you were so annoying
But you had my heart

Watch below.

CrazyMad, For Me is out 10/13 on AWAL.