My Hair Is A Rat’s Nest – “None But Devils Play Past Here”

My Hair Is A Rat’s Nest has been one of the most consistently rewarding projects in the screamo underground in recent years. The one-person Albuquerque operation has a new LP called Tornado Siren on the way, teased today with the release of lead single “None But Devils Play Past Here.” It’s an intense lo-fi epic in miniature, capturing two and a half minutes of harsh, bludgeoning post-hardcore. I’d hardly even call this one screamo — it’s almost blackened hardcore? Have a listen below.

01 “Crowsong”
02 “Like Sand Through Yr. Fingers”
03 “Golden As It Was”
04 “The Morning After”
05 “Star Tripping”
06 “None But Devils Play Past Here”
07 “Solace Can Be Found In A Creaking Door”
08 “Better Than I Know Myself”
09 “I Am The Soil”

Tornado Siren is out 9/21 on Tomb Tree Tapes.