Bethany Cosentino – “Easy”

Best Coast leader Bethany Cosentino is ramping up to the release of her debut solo album Natural Disaster. She shared lead single “It’s Fine” back in May and it back today with a second single.

“Easy” is a midtempo pop-rock track that could almost pass for country. It finds Cosentino taking stock of where she’s at versus where she thought she’d be, and it doubles as a love song celebrating an embrace of healthy romance. Let the woman explain it herself:

I’m not someone who can sit still for long without my brain going into overdrive, but when I’m just sitting alone in my car, I feel peace. I had been thinking a lot about where my life was at 35 and how different it was from where I pictured I’d be. I’ve been writing love songs for a really long time, but this is the first love song I’ve ever written that feels … healthy. When I’m spinning and doubting myself and my life choices, tripping out on how dark the world feels, I remember the unconditional love of my partner and it snaps me back into reality and reminds me of what actually matters. When you’re not used to healthy, respectful love, it can be difficult to accept it and I find myself trying to push it away sometimes. This song is about accepting that love into your life and it’s by far the most vulnerable I’ve ever really allowed myself to get when it comes to writing about love. Love should make you feel good, as corny as that sounds!

Listen below.

Natural Disaster is out 7/28 on Concord.