World Building to release remastered tracks from Dallas producer Cygnus on vinyl

Some of Cygnus‘s digital-only tracks are being released on vinyl via World Building.

Neon Funk remasters seven tracks from the digital-only album Rainy Days, which came out via Biosoft in 2018. The newly-configured LP highlights both sides of the Dallas producer’s output, from old-school electro to leftfield IDM styles.

Cygnus is one of the core (and most prolific) producers in Dallas’s long-running and influential electro scene, which we wrote about at length in a feature from last year.

World Building is the label run by Beautiful Swimmers member Ari Goldman. In the past, World Building has put out records from the likes Mark Seven, Flørist and Apiento.

Listen to “Neon Flux.”

A1 Vaporwaves

A2 Neon Flux

B1 Oak Cliff Cybernetics

B2 Coleco Visions

C1 Default Mode Network

C2 The Bodyscan (Album Edit)

D Vectra Datasonix

World Building will releaseNeon Flux soon.

Photo: Katie Mills