Vincent Poag’s Boundless Wisdom Distilled in His New Album Masquerade

Take a moment to appreciate everything you have with Vincent Poag’s “How Lucky I Am”, a song off his newest album Masquerade with tens of thousands of streams already. The New York-based artist has collected the most ingenious, diverse, and thoughtful songs in this collection, and for those of us who love the sense of adventure and spice, Masquerade is a must-hear. 

Vincent Poag shows off different kinds of beauty in each song: “Barcelona” has the guitar, “La La” starts with the piano and horns, creating undeniable positivity, while “Here, Here, Beer!” clearly has the element of a charming European waltz music with an anthem-like twist. Every one of the twelve songs of this album has its own charisma and personality and is adorned with the pure authenticity of the prolific artist. 

Some of his previous releases include “New Orleans”, a wonderfully southern song with a vibrant jazzy arrangement, “This Christmas”, and “Stress”, each with hundreds of thousands of views. Poag’s music is unlike anything experienced before, raw, real, positive, it does not blind the listener, does not sugarcoat things but rather allows room for acceptance and improvement for all of humanity.

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