Tess Parks – “Brexit At Tiffany’s”Tess Parks – “Brexit At Tiffany’s”

Toronto-born, London-based artist and Anton Newcombe collaborator Tess Parks is releasing her new solo album And Those Who Were Seen Dancing in May. And today, following lead single “Happy Birthday Forever,” Parks is sharing new track “Brexit At Tiffany’s,” in which she delivers scratchy spoken-word poetry over a deliciously smoky psych-pop groove. She says:

We were recording at Rian [O’Grady]’s house and the guys started playing this music which had Francesco [Perini]’s Ray Mananzarek Doors’ sensibilities and Mike [Sutton]’s Neil Young-esque guitar, and then I started reading this poem I had written which pieces together definitions of words I found interesting and had written down. The title is thanks to Ruari [Meehan] who kept saying this over and over and we all thought it was the best thing we ever heard

This video was as planned and thought out as its namesake. My friend Robert happened to be in London with a day to spare, so last minute we rallied up some friends who were graciously willing to spend an afternoon wearing these horrific English Breakfast masks.

Director Robert Ascroft adds:

Tess and I met up for a coffee while I was on assignment in London. I told her I would love to shoot a video for her brilliant new record. Right from the start of the conversation she had the idea of wearing these English Breakfast masks. The shoot was very loose which is unlike any music video I have ever shot. Without much communication I got the idea and just ran with it. Tess and I have an unspoken way of working together and have similar tastes/references. We had a fun and fast shoot with some great friends both new and old. And we got some odd looks from passersby to top it all off.

Watch and listen to “Brexit At Tiffany’s” below.

And Those Who Were Seen Dancing is out 5/20 on Fuzz Club/Hand Drawn Dracula. Pre-order it here.