Stream “My Destination” By Canadian R&B-Pop Artist StevenCharles

Rising artist StevenCharles talks life and motivation in his latest single “My Destination”. Reflecting on his own experience and empowering people with strong lines, the Canadian artist gives listeners a blast of two minutes that is guaranteed to fill you up with energy. As the artist put it himself, “I wanted to write a song about overcoming life’s trials and tribulations. How the challenges that come with pursuing your passions are all a part of the journey, and how living in the moment is all that matters.”

StevenCharles had previously debuted with “Stay”, a cheery and playful single that was all about healthy relationships that bring us fulfilment. “Love You Still” followed soon after, implementing a bit of a melancholic trait to StevenCharles’ music. This piece garnered much attention from fans as it was love-affirming and positive but at the same time had a chill, almost sad-feeling vibe to it. 

An innovative and talented artist, StevenCharles is set to conquer the world with his heartfelt and vibrant art that reflects his very own journey in life. Stay tuned for more!

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