Stream A New Dungeons & Dragons: Spelljammer-Themed Comp Feat. Osees, Shabazz Palaces, Lucius, & MoreStream A New Dungeons & Dragons: Spelljammer-Themed Comp Feat. Osees, Shabazz Palaces, Lucius, & More

The Osees, Black Marble, Lucius, Reggie Watts, Shabazz Palaces, and many more artists are on a new Dungeons & Dragons-themed compilation produced by the Decemberists guitarist and noted D&D player Chris Funk. Titled Spelljams, the comp goes hand-in-hand with the newly released Spelljammer: Adventures In Space and is out today via Kill Rock Stars. “I was honored to curate this album for @dndwizards for their launch of the great Spelljammer campaign,” Funk wrote on Instagram. “18 bands / musicians created song inspired by the story line! Streaming everywhere now and a double LP is up for preorder @killrockstarsofficial…and yes the cover is indeed a DM screen.”

Funk also worked with D&D story architect Chris Perkins, who is also the lead designer of Spelljammer: Adventures In Space, which comprises three different D&D books set in space. “You know what they like on the Rock of Bral?” says Perkins, referring to a Spelljammer location. “Rock music! The brilliant Chris Funk has assembled a motley crew of bards to create Spelljams—music inspired by our newest Spelljammer adventure, Light of Xaryxis. I encourage Dungeon Masters use Spelljams as background music during their D&D game sessions or listen to it while dreaming up future hijinks. Everyone else: enjoy the music of Wildspace!”

Funk adds:

Helping facilitate bringing this world to life through music and the amazing artists’ visions that were selected was an honor of a lifetime. I am of the opinion when people think of Dungeons & Dragons that there is a preconceived underscore of what these worlds might sound like. With this bold return to Spelljammer we were excited to push the boundaries deep into Wildspace, working with artists from diverse musical backgrounds that could challenge what music in the multiverse of the world’s greatest roleplaying game might sound like. Each artist was given a character or plot prompt from the storyline, then challenged to write an original composition based on Light of Xaryxis. We hope you enjoy the result!

Check out the compilation below.

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