Special Interest – “Follow Me” (Amanda Lear Cover)Special Interest – “Follow Me” (Amanda Lear Cover)

Amanda Lear has had a wild career. The French star, now in her early eighties, started out her public life as Salvador Dalí’s best friend in his later years. Lear also modeled, appearing on the cover of Roxy Music’s For Your Pleasure before becoming a musician herself. From there, she became an actor and a TV presenter, and she’s still active today. Now, the New Orleans punks Special Interest have offered up a cover of one of Lear’s ’70s disco singles.

A couple of months ago, we posted Special Interest’s dance-punk ripper “(Herman’s) House.” The physical single of “(Herman’s) House” is out now, and its B-side is Special Interest’s cover of “Follow Me,” a deadpan 1978 disco jam that was a hit throughout Europe. For their version, Special Interest have recorded a fairly faithful version of Lear’s single, adding bleary guitar fuzz and somehow sounding detached and purposeful at the same time. Below, listen to the Special Interest cover and check out the video for Lear’s original single.

“(Herman’s) House” b/w “Follow Me” is out now on Rough Trade.