Shifted unveils fourth album, The Dirt On Our Hands

Shifted‘s next album is due out on June 8th.

“I wrote The Dirt On Our Hands right before I left Berlin late last year,” Shifted told RA over email. “I’d been trying to write a new record for a while unsuccessfully, I guess I was exhausted of everything. Eventually this fell together over the course of a month or two. I’d become pretty obsessed with changing the way my records sound in terms of tone and palette but trying to do so without loosing what it is that defines me.”

“These tracks are from the first sessions where I felt close to achieving that,” he adds. “What I wanted from this record is a sort of skeletal hypnotism, just core elements that suck you in over time, and leave room for interpretation. Hopefully I’ve come close to achieving that.”

The album, Shifted’s fourth, comes hot on the heels of the Too Stupid To Be Anxious EP, released last week. His most recent full-length, Appropriation Stories, came out in 2016 on Hospital Productions. This is his first album to come out on his own Avian label.

Listen to “Eso.”

A1 Eso

A2 Traces Rise

B1 Reptilian

B2 Moving Towards The Exits
C1 Correctional

C2 Taser Cries

D1 No Paradise

D2 Sharpen Your Senses

Avian will release The Dirt On Our Hands on June 8th, 2020.